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Chiesa arcipretale di Valmareno S.S. Pietro e Paolo

Chiesa arcipretale di Valmareno S.S. Pietro e Paolo
Its name appears for the first time in the documents that are testament to the donation of Sofia da Colfosco to Follina Abbey in 1170. The present construction was built between the end of XV century and the start of the XVI century; the bell tower was completed in 1848. Notable in its interior pictorial works and scared objects of furniture from sensible artistic and religious value, including: the wooden altar-frontal of the main altar by Ghirlanduzzi of Ceneda at the beginning of XVI century, a painting of "Madonna with Child with Peter and Paul to Her Side" by Silvestro Arrosti, the fresco of "the Assumption" by Agostino Ridolfi (uncertain attribution), the painting "Madonna with Child and Saints" by Frigimelica, the baptistery of the beginning of XVII century and the organ with two keyboards by the Balbiani Vegazzi company.
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