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Palù del quartier di Piave

Palù del quartier di Piave
The Palù of the Piave Quartier are a vast low pressured and impermeable area of approximately 1000 hectares situated in the heart of the Piave Quartier. It practically converges the entire hydrographic network coming from the hillsides and pre-alpines lying at the back. A natural marshland results from here. This was rehabilitated, in the lower medieval age (from 1200 onwards) on the intervention of the monks of Vidor and Follina Abbey that structured the ancient marshland in an agricultural landscape divided by meadow divisions surrounded by ditches and hedges. In the toponymy of the palù, some names like valbone, la dolza, pra gras, etc..., are clearly of monastic origin because they are not descriptive but of ideological-augural matrix. Toponymy of technical type also exist next to these, like for example cal bazia and le granze from which the surnames Granziera and Granzotto come from. The granze were nothing else than typical Benedictine farms-barns. This type of landscape, also extremely important for the biodiversity contained in it, became very rare in Italy and Europe after the arrival of monoculture. The Iris sibirica is an example of the naturalistic richness of the Palù, a small blue-violet Iris that is only discovered in this area.
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