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Torri di Credazzo

Panoramica del castello di Credazzo
Panoramica del castello di Credazzo
The Credazzo feud constituted one of the strategic points of the battle-trained defensive system that characterised the entire hilly strip. Perhaps its origins are at the time of the invasions of the Hungarians at around the IX - X centuries. It is probable that the constructors of Credazzo castle were the Collalto, like the others of the area, namely the Counts of Treviso. The name Credazzo appears in a document of 1233 for the first time however, in that period its origins are established and its structure is already consolidated. In that year, the castle is already in the long possession of the Caminesi and forms a true Curia with all the inhabitants around the Villa Credacii. The castle consisted of three towers placed in the north-south way and connected by robust wall on which the walk of the sentinel and servitude was possible. Therefore, it correspondent to the existence of noble habitations and of valid defence: castrum et fortificia. In the interior of the walls, they were certainly also found wooden constructions housing the servitude. In 1321, Credazzo castle was put up for auction and bought by Rambaldo VIII of Collalto. Rambaldo died in 1324, and did not enjoy a long possession of the castle, which remained with the Collalto until its destruction by the Hungarians, taking place at the beginning of 1400. At around 1940, it was acquired by the Biscaro family of Via Credazzo and then by the Trevigiano architect Barbin who restructured it in the '70.
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