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Piazza della Chiesa Parrocchiale di Soligo e veduta del colle di San Gallo

Piazza della Chiesa Parrocchiale di Soligo e veduta del colle di San Gallo
At the bottom of the square where the Parish Church is found, visitors may admire a funerary temple with the 'Resurrecturis' inscribed on the architrave. The temple offers beautiful sights of the surrounding areas, especially of Colle di San Gallo, the hill on whose top the Church and Monastery of San Gallo stand. The hilltop once hosted the 'Castrum Solici', known as a feudal estate, which was then turned into the Castle of Caminesi in the 12th century. The Camino family owned the estate for a long time, during which the building was refurbished and enlarged. The complex was attacked by Treviso army in 1318, and then destroyed by Venice in 1378, under the powerful hand of Rambaldo di Collalto. Little is known about the building and the walls encircling it; experts believe that the wall included today's Parish Church, whose tower would have been the result of the transformation of one of the estate's towers. According to the tradition, in 1430, a priest from Lombardy, Friar Egidio, had built an oratory among the Castle remnants, dedicating it to Irish Benedictine monk San Gallo, in memory of some time he spent in Switzerland. The complex is accessible by all transport means, including by bicycle and mountain bike.
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