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Route: Marca Storica

Villa Mocenigo

It is protected by ancient walls and hidden by a park of secular trees; it stands on the hills of the "Belvedere" palace. In 500, the villa belonged to the nobleman named Anthony Altan that had made it a place of rest and refectory for the literary. In 1602, it was acquired and enlarged by the bishop of Ceneda Leonardo Mocenigo however, the villa knew its maximum splendour during the dogeate of Alvise IV Mocenigo (1764- 1778) whom stayed there in the autumn with the dogaressa Pisana Corner, his brother Alvise III, the children and numerous courtiers. A group of comedy actors always followed there, including Carlo Goldoni and Gozzi that portrayed the "The Simple In Search of Spirit" comedy in the villas' interior theatre. The family of the factorial Francesconi lived in a wing of the palace from which lead the abbot Daniele (1761 - 1835), eighteen- century scholar, poet, professor and magnificent rector of Padova (1808) and Ermenegildo (1795-1852), engineer of great fame, designer of Alemagna Street and Inspector General of the streets of the Emperor Austro- Hungarian. Finally, Daniele Francesconi (1810-1875) noble patriot figure, organiser of the anti-Austrian revolt in 1848 in Vittoriose and commandant of the 2nd big battle "Sile Fighters" during the defence of Venice in '49.
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