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Chiesa arcipretale di Cordignano

It was built between 1607 and 1635 on the place of the very ancient baptismal parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Cassiano, definitely existing in the eighth century, the church preserves valuable works of art in its interior. An important barocco high altar dates on the top the statute of Saint Cassiano bishop of Imola Lived in the 4th century, to the centre a beautiful mount depicting the "Madonna in triumph and Saints" by Silvestro Arrosti. In the choir, a big painting by Angelo Lion (1597-1621) depicting "The Ostia Miracle" and a valuable "Last Supper" by Marco Vecellio (1545-1611) parent of the great Tiziano. There are two works in the aisle by Palma il Giovane (1546-1628): the "Baptism of Jesus" and the "Saint Patrignano who visits the plague stricken people". The monumental eighteenth-century organ by Sebastiano Dacci (1774) is in the basement of the church. There are two frescoes on the ceiling by Giovanni De Min (1846): the "Three Theological Virtues" and the majestic "Assumption of the Virgin". The seventeenth-century wooden altar by Giambattista and Andrea Ghirlanduzzi is in the chapel on the right hand side.
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