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Route: Marca Storica

La Torricella

In the neighbourhood of the road of the same name, a square-plan building stands on the left bank of the Meschio River, commonly called Torresella, originally used as a fortified tower and subsequently transformed into a habitation by opening two big double windows. It was probably built before the Venetian conquest of Friuli (1420), perhaps in the age of the thirteen-century in which the relationships between the Trevigiani and the Friulani demanded the erection of defensive works along the border of the opposite farms of Cordignano and Caneva. The building is identified as "balestriera" ("balestriera" meaning loopholes). In 1746 and once military function was exhausted, it was divided by property feuds of the Rangoni, Cordignano gentlemen and became private property.
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