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Route: Marca Storica

Tovena: Piazza Diaz

Tovena: Piazza Diaz
Always known as "piazzetta" ("piazzetta" means small square), it links Cal del Borgo to Vittoria Square, the diminutive distinguished it from the official "main" Square, expressing a sense of popular belonging at the same time. In the center, the fountain of eighteen-century age in octagonal shape and of hard sandstone with plaques in dried red stone, from which for centuries the village inhabitants have used the water for domestic use, watering the animals and....rinsing cloths, also in a figurative sense! To the south, it overlooks the ancient rectory, with the Brandolini coat of arms and the Bishop Pietro Lioni, Venetian noble, who managed the diocese of Vittorio Veneto from 1667 to 1691. The east presents Magagnin House, typical stone habitation that bears three eighteenth-century age mural paintings on the frontal façade representing the Crucifixion, Madonna and Child and other religious figures. To the north and in the west, there are the entrance arches for other habitations dated 1823 and 1829 respectively.
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