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Tovena: veduta del centro abitato e della strada per S.Boldo

Tovena: veduta del centro abitato e della strada per S.Boldo
Tovena appears for the first time on an official document called "Diploma" promulgated by the emperor Ottone I on February 2nd 962, who gave "curtis Tovene" to the Diocesis of Ceneda to which will belong for centuries, later included in the feudal of Da Camino di sopra, then to the noble family Rovero and finally becoming part of the Vallis Mareni county of the lords Bardolini. The parish church is dedicated to the Saints apostoles Simon and Giuda Taddeo, martyrs of the 1st century. On March 1423 the bishop Ceneda Antonio Correr assigned to the church (not yet a parish), the faculty to erect by itself the baptistery, while the cusp, attributed to the Cenedese dei Ghirlanduzzi, is dated around the '600. Erected as a sole aisle, in 1853 it was affected by a radical transformation with the addition of minor aisles, and with the opening along the walls of the main aisle of seven arches substained by elegant monolitich columns made in masegno. A barrel shaped attic was applied to the original uncovered truss attic . It was decorated with medallions, precious plaster and frescoes. Impressive is the main altar triptych dated 1696-1699 and the three minor altars, entirely carved and goldened. Inside works of Egidio dall'Oglio, Mathias Gremsel and Antonio Sasso can be found.
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