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Castel della Bastia S. Giorgio

Resti della torre
Panorama della Pieve di Cavaso (loc. Vettorazzi) dal Castel della Bastia
The fortification of Cavaso, mentioned starting from 1317, was property of the Da Castelli family, and earlier by the Da Cavaso's. During the second half of the venetian-carrarese war of the 14th century, the structure was transformed into a fort, a momentary shelter for the population, and protecting goods from passing enemy armies. Between 1381 and 1388 it was in the hands of Carrara, then finally to Venice. In 1413 the venetian senate, which ordered the demolition of the forts existing in the area, spared it so that in 1420 one of his captain was still there. However the fortification was going through a phase of decline and deactivation. Archeological research made by the Padova University and by the Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici del Veneto (1996-1997) have allowed for the first reconstruction of the fortified building: it consist of a large quadrangular masonry wall, following the earth's conformation. Inside it a quadrangular tower facing north-west in the corner on the inside of the wall can be recognized.
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