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Motta castrale di Treville

They are the remains of the castle of "da Camposampiero" (XI century). It is erected on private property to the west of Saint Daniel Parish Church of Treviso, a manufacture of trunk-conical form and an adjoining height, documented in the Napoleonic Land Registry of 1812 as hillock (properly called the "motta") and bank (the embankment) respectively. It relates to the remains of the feudal castle of the Camposampiero family, probably erected during the course of the XI century, widely documented by archivist sources and medieval literature from the Treville area. The motta was built in the center of Treville castle and the dungeon (large towers) was built on it, residence of the steward of da Camposampiero. The structures of the fortress were demolished following specific order emanating from the Republic of Venice on 26th August 1343.
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