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The fortification project if the City was realised during the course of the XIV century with Ezzeliniane structure arrangement and the construction of the first defensive mural works. Due to the short domination of the da Carrara between 1381 and 1388, the systematic construction of the wall began that was concluded at the definitive return of the Venetians in 1393 when the senate ordered the complete fortification of the city. The latter equipped it with towers, created suitable gates and extended the circuit up to the fortress so it became a physical part of the town. The border wall measured 1360 m. and it was equipped with 24 towers and portholes with a view of the access roads and the exit of the City. The latter were as follows: the Castelfranco porthole probably opened after the middle of the XV century, the Dieda gate demolished in 1812 for the construction of the "Foresto Nuovo", the Saint Martin porthole, today bricked up, the Colmarion, Saint Catherine Gate and the Sottocastello porthole. The perimeter of the wall can still be individualised although incorporated or cancelled by subsequent urban developments.
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