Route: Marca Storica

Castello di Colfosco

As its remnants were lately buried, the Castle of Colfosco is not visible. However, near the area where the castle once stood, visitors may admire the interesting relics of the medieval Chapel of San Daniele. The events of the Castle of Colfosco and the Church of San Salvatore were closely intertwined until the early 13th century. It is not clear yet whether the Church was already located inside the Castle of San Salvatore in Susegana (still visible), or if the remnants belonged to those of the Church of San Daniele in Colfosco. According to some historical evidence, such as the appearance of the term 'castellario' (i.e. related to the castle) and the presence of the Church of San Salvatore, the castle had been divided into two separate areas. On one side, the 'castrum', located in the highest point, corresponding to Colle della Tombola; on the other side, the lower and wider fortified area, hosting the church and, possibly, the inhabited fortification.